About Us
Restronics is a National Manufacturers' Representative

We are a consultative OEM sales rep organization, where we help educate our customers to improve their processes and productivity.

As a Manufacturer’s Representative, our main asset is our credibility with our customers and the manufacturers we represent. We provide valuable end-customer activity and manage distribution channel relationships. Our salespeople have many years of relevant industry experience as well as long and successful relationships with our customers and principals.

Please contact us with any questions you may have (914) 329-9300.

David Leventhal, Managing Partner
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35 Years of Experience
We draw on our network and experience to help you achieve your objectives.
David Leventhal
Managing Partner
  • dleventhal@restronics.com
  • (914) 329-9300
  • Territory: Long Island & Metro New York
Teddy Skechus
Manufacturers' Representative
  • tskechus@restronics.com
  • (267) 664-5733
  • Territory: Central/Eastern PA and Central/Southern NJ
Jarred Mandel
Manufacturers' Representative
  • jmandel@restronics.com
  • (305) 975-5736
  • Territory: New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey
Steven Clair
Manufacturers' Representative
  • sclair@restronics.com
  • (585) 721-1560
  • Territory: Upstate New York