ASG - Jergens

ASG Jergens has been providing assembly solutions for over 40 years. ASG offers workstation accessories, production aides, torque control screwdrivers, and precision fastening gear through ASG Express, Precision Fastening, and Automation Product Groups. The organization is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio (USA).

ASG - Jergens

In addition to manufacturing, ASG is also the US supplier of many high-end torque tool companies, such as Fiam and HIOS®. ASG's North American warehouses provide the greatest brands for all your assembly demands. Their products are made to last and come with industry-leading warranties, allowing you to use them safely for the duration of their life cycle.

The company’s most popular products are Fiam eTensil Electric Screwdriver and ASG Ultra-Low Torque Precision Fastening System. The tools guarantee safety at every stage of their lifespan and are extremely effective for their intended use.

ASG’s mission is to provide the finest quality products and provide solutions to our customers' assembly needs and continue to meet our customers’ growing demands by introducing innovative, state-of-the-art products that not only increase productivity, but improve ergonomics and worker comfort. We strive to understand and become experts in the needs of our customers, providing long-term turnkey solutions for their assembly needs.

ASG’s vision is to continually increase market share by positioning ASG as the premier global assembly tools leader. We recognize this can only be accomplished by motivating our employees to continually develop, market leading, innovative products and services for our customers and in doing so, exceed their expectations for service, quality and value.