Trans-Tec America is one of the longest-standing global partners for integrated modular assembly lines worldwide.

Trans-Tec is the exclusive United States distributor of Yamaha pick and place equipment. Trans-Tech is a worldwide reseller that has sold and supported Yamaha pick-and-place equipment for more than 3 decades. The Yamaha product offering comprises premium SMT P&Ps, 3D solder paste inspection, SMT screen printers, and Automated Optical Inspection machines.

Trans-Tec / Yamaha

Yamaha SMT pick-and-place equipment is ideal for high-mix low volume (HMLV) applications ranging from high-performance consumer electronics manufacturers.

Yamaha pick and place equipment is world renown for high quality and the ability to run 24-7 with no loss of accuracy and performance. The Trans_tec team of applications engineers are very familiar with all SMT applications and are ready to assist any Yamaha customer. 

Trans-Tec also provides custom-tailored automation by utilizing the Fanuc robotic system for non-SMT automation projects.

When you choose Yamaha equipment, you are getting unparalleled devices with every possible functionality at a remarkably cheap price. And the Trans-Tec North American support staff is ready to provide unmatched tech support to keep the machinery functional 24 / 7.