PCB Solder Stencils Specialized for High Volume Production

BlueRing Stencils is a leading stencil producer in North America. They specialize in the production and distribution of premium printing accessories, laser cut stencils, paste transfer increasing nano-coatings, and stencil development/design services for the circuit board assembly industry.

BlueRing Stencils

The company runs 7 manufacturing and research centers around the US and has excellent road freight delivery programs that can reach 90% of the market in 1 business day.

BlueRing Stencils is firm that was established in 2017 from the union of two renowned SMT stencil production firms, Fine Line Stencils and Metal Etching Technology. As a result of the union, these companies can deliver the most innovative stencil equipment while also boosting their market presence throughout the US.

For specialized process pallets, the firm works with Stone Mountain Tool, and for all solder pastes, alloy fluxes, and bar solder, it partners with FCT Solder.

BlueRing Stencils will provide the premium quality print for your specific assembly process. BlueRing Stencils’ viewpoint of providing services and products which exceed standards has driven it to heavily invest in the latest technology, along with developing several of the most talented team members with years of surface mount expertise. BlueRing's stencils are characterized by their awareness of the demand for compact components, great dependability, and stringent quality control.