For over 20 years, Restronics Metro has been supplying ESD assistance to its customers. Our expert team conducts audits in accordance with the EOS/ESD 20.20 standard. We possess the resources and equipment necessary to undertake an audit and aid end users in fixing sections that are not meeting specifications. There are varying client demands for semiconductor makers compared to those for manufacturers of low-tech equipment. Our specialists can help you figure out the best methods to satisfy the necessary regulations.

Our crew has access to and is experienced with a large variety of ESD supplies and accessories, from ESD matting material to grounding and testing technology. In many organizations, constant ESD monitoring is viewed as more practical than having employees manually test themselves at a main test facility on a regular basis. In light of customers’ increased sensitivity to ESD failures, checking wrist straps once or twice a day is no longer enough to provide high certainty in grounding. Furthermore, continuous monitoring assures that benches and ESD mats are appropriately grounded, removing the requirement for a facility worker to test each and every work bench on a monthly, or even quarterly basis. ESD tracking removes the need to retain paper or digital records of all personnel.

Personnel grounding material, non-static workstation supplies and equipment, ESD packaging goods like metalized bags and moisture barrier bags, and ESD handling boxes for carrying ESD sensitive components for in-plant usage and shipping products are all available. ESD flooring (either utilizing ESD wax or installing permanent ESD tiles) are a typical base for every ESD program.

Moreover, non-static and ESD generation are becoming increasingly important in pharmaceutical manufacturing, biomedical manufacturing, and server farms. ESD protection is growing more and more significant in each of these areas.

ESD control measures can be implemented with the help of Restronics. We can assist you with one or two workbenches, or a whole facility.