Transforming the way things are made

In an effort to help organizations revolutionize their production process, Bright Machines was created in 2018 by industry professionals who recognized a rare opportunity to utilize a software-first approach. This strategy not only aids them in the creation of a more decentralized production network but also helps clients speed up the innovation process. They created Micro Factories which are perfectly-suited for helping US companies by automating electronics manufacturing processes that should no longer be done by operators, thereby saving money and time.

Bright Machines

Scientists, engineers, electrical technicians, industrial designers, manufacturing experts, and programmers make up their teams, who collaborate to provide unique solutions for each project.

Bright Machine's years of expertise developing and producing precise, dependable machines for the production industry have resulted in a unique new device that can dynamically carry out tasks usually executed by human beings. This unparalleled end-to-end system was created with factory floors in mind, but its adaptability allows it to fit into any production environment.

Bright Machines is powered by intelligent software and adaptable hardware. Bright Machines automates repetitive inspection & assembly tasks. Bright Machines produces scalable, implementable systems that impact both the industry and greater community. As technology progresses, the connection between machines and humans will shift drastically in terms of labor and work environments.

bright machines